It’s about the journey.

And the destination.

It’s a digital world. With more touchpoints than ever. That’s why we solve for the full consumer journey.

how it all started.

Abacus was born as a Performance Media agency. Our initial goal was to drive better ROI  on clients paid social ads, and we quickly built a reputation for driving business growth.

We became the #1 Facebook Agency In The World.

but we didnt stop there.

Insightful creative was THE variable for sustained success when it came to digital platforms. So we built a world-class creative department and evolved into a full-service digital agency.

Now we bring together strategy, creative, and distribution—to achieve holistic growth for our partners.


Creative > Optimization

We don’t just buy media and optimize campaigns. We focus on how people make purchasing decisions while they build relationships with brands.

In today’s in world, everything is in the palm of everyone’s hands, which is why we stop thumbs to make sure your marketing dollars don’t go to waste.



Growth, Creative, Media, Content, Influencer, Owned/Organic

Trends, behaviours, customer desires and business opportunities shaping the market: this is our fuel. What role does digital play in discovery, acquisition, customer experience and retention?

A dedicated strategist will work most closely with your team on a day-to-day basis to develop a variety of business strategies. They’re a true extension of your team.

These strategies build roadmaps for both your team and ours. We are always adapting to data insights in real-time and adjusting. This is the core of what it means to be Always-On.



Digital Advertising Campaigns, Fluid Branding, Digital Asset Libraries, Brand Adaptation, Contextualization, Creative Production

Branding is at the heart of what we do. And we always look at your brand as more than just a logo. We unlock opportunities for creating world-class experiences for all audiences.

We balance the spirit of client’s brands to achieve business objectives. Emotional. Rational. Always measurable. Always testable. Always performing.

If your marketing challenge is complex, our creative
solution is simple.



Paid Media, Always-On, Organic, Native, Partner, Influencer

We used to only think in terms 
of paid or organic. Boy were we wrong. Our holistic approach to communications planning uncovers what really matters to your target. Distribution is business fused 
with media.

Always-On is a much talked about but often misunderstood approach to media. For Abacus, Always-On means “Always-There”. Our testing frameworks work in tandem with our creative to maximize every opportunity that’s there.


Measurement and Retention

business intelligence, Analytics, Attribution, Data Insights, CRM, CRO

Data is at the core of what we do. 
We identify the right metrics to monitor and report on. We work with your team to foster a single-minded view on how to interpret the data we collect. And more importantly, we work hard to turn data into something actionable.

We are just as focused on retaining and growing your customer base as we are with acquisition.

LTV is a metric we look at to significantly improve overall marketing performance, vs just focusing on cheap acquisition.

The Bigger picture

It all comes down to your business. We help our partners by looking at them holistically.

We eat, sleep and breathe digital, but to achieve growth you need, we understand that there’s a lot more involved than art, copy and media buying.

Your brand, your product, your measurement philosophies, company priorities and organizational structure are all factors in success.

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